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The Pride Principle™ was started to create awareness for our elderly, and its intent is to  spread worldwide in a viral fashion. The cost is FREE and allows individauls and businesses to display their support in just seconds.  

The concept for The Pride Principle was conceived after our Founder, Lori La Bey was speaking to a group regarding caregiving and Alzheimer's.  An exhausted daughter had pushed her father in his wheelchair into her session.  The two sat side by side during the presentation.  As Lori spoke, if the father said once he said fifteen times during a forty-five minute period, “But they don’t understand.  It’s about the PRIDE!  It’s about the PRIDE!” 

The audience was getting upset with the man as he kept interrupting, and his poor daughter was on the verge of tears as her Dad let everyone in the room know she was not meeting his needs as a care partner.   

Lori felt bad for the daughter.  It was obvious she was trying hard and doing everything in her power to please him, but it wasn't enough.  Lori also knew this man had a message for her.  She just didn’t know what he was trying to tell her at the time.  That night, before she fell asleep she asked for guidance in figuring out what the message was.  At  3am, she woke with a start.   The  message arrived.  It was really very simple.  


The Pride Principle™
stood for:

P - Preserve

R - Respect

I - Independence 

D - Dignity for our

E - Elderly

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If you would like to join our list of supporters please CLICK HERE go to the bottom of the page and in the comments section list your name, company name, location and website.  We would love to see a running list of people and companies supporting this cause.

This is a philosophy Lori La Bey believes in and lives by.  If you feel the same, JOIN THE CAUSE!  It’s easy to do and it’s FREE!  As a society we have groups that support our animals, our children and our environment. "Isn’t time we have a movement to support our Elderly?"  Give it some thought.  Remember you will be an elder sooner than you think! 

Thank you for considering joining our cause!    

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