The Four Dementia Friendly Categories

Below we have broken down businesses into four basic categories. Each has a different focus , influence and impact on those with Dementia and those that care for them. They are as follows:

Businesses with increased contact due to the medical condition

(Examples – Professionals such as - Doctors, Nurses, LPN’s, Clinics, Hospitals, Social Workers, Clergy, Pharmacies, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Senior Housing, Realtors…)

Businesses which are part of everyday life  

(Examples – Grocery Stores, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Banks, Malls/Retail Stores, Hardware Stores, Dry Cleaners, Car Sales, Utility Companies, where you work...)

Influential Businesses - those in power positions

(Examples – Legislators, Media, Clergy, Federal, State, City and County Workers…)

Businesses which supply comfort, entertainment and balance

(Examples – Fitness Centers, Parks, Recreational Centers, Theaters, Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Sports Arenas, Restaurants, Hotels, Bowling Alleys…)

Alzheimer's Speaks believes collaboration is the key to living a successful and purpose filled life with dementia.   By working together, we can push both conventional and alternative efforts forward in search of answers.  By joining forces and sharing knowledge, we can win the battle against dementia.

Videos on Becoming Dementia Friendly

Dementia Friendly Campaign - Introduction                                             1

Dementia Friendly Campaign - What Is Dementia & Who Gets It?          2

Dementia Friendly Campaign - What Is It Like To Have Dementia?        3 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - How Can You Better Serve?                   4 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - How Are Care Partners Effected?           5 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - How Can Your Organization Help?         6 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - Four Types of Business Categories        7 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - Alzheimer's Speaks Unique Approach    8 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - The Passion Behind The Program           9 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - Learn How Our Platforms Can Help      10 

Dementia Friendly Campaign - Why It's Important                                  11 

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