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Voices of Those Diagnosed with Dementia

Dementia Chats™ was created with the intention to educate people living with dementia; their care partners both family and friends as well as professionals and advocates.  Our Experts are those diagnosed with dementia. We have been doing this series since July of 2012, but given we changed platforms in 2016, only those videos from 2016 are now listed below.

WOW What a Testimonial!

snap of suzka on video DC testimonial

“I have spent about 11 hours straight listening to your ‘Dementia Chats’.  I am so overwhelmed…. Love Brian, Truthful Loving Kindness, Michael, Paulan, Laurie, Harry, Mary, Craig, Bob… all of them.   Everyone!... everyone should watch these. You have tapped into something so valuable. I cannot say enough about what you created.”

Suzka, Speaker and Author of 

"Wonders In Dementialand"   


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Or Watch The Most Recent Sessions Below: 

The Effects Weather Has On Those Living  With Dementia

122321 DC effects of the weather moon and more snap of


Was the New Alzheimer's Drug Aduhelm a Good Decision?  

New Alz Drug on DC

 Dementia and the Arts Nov 2021 part 1 of 2

NOv 2021 Dementia and the arts part 1 of 2 snap


Ideas for Maude's Ventures Who Has 3 Challenges to Improve Dementia Care And Will Give Each $50,000 to $100,000 to Get Started!

052721 DC maudes ventures

Preparing and Adapting to Change as Dementia Progresses

022721 DC preparing and adapting to change of symptoms progression of disease

Stress, Dementia & Gratitude

DC 010321 Stress Dementia and Gratitude

The Arts and Music

122120 DC Arts Music

How a Person is Affected by a Change in Their Dementia Diagnosis

112320 DC The Effects when a change of diagnosis comes into play 

Accepting Dementia in Your Life

DC 061520  Accepting dementia in your life 061520

Coping with the New Normal

052420 DC Coping with the new normal covid time

Dementia & Covid 19

snap of video

Dementia, Suicide & Right to Die

snap of DC suicide right to die

Confusion - When It Hits, What it Looks It and How They Adapt

020120  DC confusion snap

Holiday Stress Triggers for Those Living with Dementia

DC 121019 holiday triggers snaps

What if Your Care Partner is No Longer Able to Care for You? 

102619 DC what is your care partner cant care for you

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life After a diagnosis of Dementia

finidng purpose DC 081819

Critical Insights To Build Dementia Friendly Communities & Businesses

063019 DC Critical Insights To Build Dementia Friendly Communities

The Impact of Pain when Living with Dementia - Dementia Chats 

 DC Impact of Pain when living with dementia

Dementia Friendly Airport and Travel Needs

DF airports and travel 021219 snap

Living Life with Dementia - Finding Balance and Joy 

living w dementia 3 dec 2018

 Celebrating Susan Suchan - Honoring Her Life and Contribution to Dementia Awareness

snap of video w susan and laurie

What People Living with Dementia Want in Demenita Friendly Communities & Businesses 

DC on Dementia Friendly Businesses and Communities What peope w dementia want

Dementia - Stigmas, Education and Adapting to Life with Symptoms

070318 DC stign educ adaapting title page


Here is another quote from Eilon Caspi, PhD, Dementia Behavior Consulting, LLC

Since I started collaborating with Lori on Dementia Chats in the Spring of 2013, I always thought that this webinar series is the true cutting edge work in our field...  

As the years gone by, this feeling only reinforced itself and has been very rewarding and enriching for me personally and professionally. Lori has a special talent and personalized style in putting people living with dementia at ease and enabling them to openly share about their lived experiences. The video recorded chats have proven enormously invaluable to countless other people living with dementia and their family and paid care partners. 

Living outside the stigma (as he late Dr. Richard Taylor taught us in his educational and advocacy work and groundbreaking DVD: Live Outside the Stigma: Confronting the Myths and Stigmas of Alzheimer's Disease and other Related Dementias from the Inside Out, 2011, Brilliant Image Productions) is a key component in many of these Dementia Chats sessions. 

I hope that you'll consider joining us in one of our upcoming Dementia Chats sessions. One simple but often overlooked reason to do so is the fact by which people living with dementia are often the best teachers out there when it comes to knowing what it actually means to live with a cognitive disability caused by a serious brain disease. 

Lori's Dementia Chats webinar series is a testament to her vision and strong commitment to the person-directed practice conveyed in the phrase, "Nothing About Us Without Us.

Eilon Caspi PhD, 

Dementia Behavior Consulting LLC

How Spouses and Care Partners Are Impacted By Dementia 

DC How spouses care partners impacted by dementia

 Communication Tips To And From Those Living with Dementia 

121217 dc communication to and fromperson wdementia

Do Dementia Experts & Care Partners Really Know What A Person With Dementia Wants?

101017 DC Do experts and care partners really know

This session we discussed the impact of "Humor and Laughter" as perceptions of both change as the disease progresses. I think you might be surprised at some points made by those living with dementia during this conversation.

sanp laughter and humor people 2

Today's session discusses the impact social media and various communication platforms can have on our relationships. Email, Chat rooms, Video Conferences, Phone...

DC social media impact 072417  

We address Dementia vs. Depression, Grief and Sadness- Depression, Dementia and Loneliness - Added stress for Care Partners due to loneliness - Quiet isn't always lonely - Fear and depression - Advocacy and purpose can replace fear and depression - Depression is a personal experience - Sadness vs Depression - Look for things to be grateful for - Does loneliness have to do with how we grew up? - Care Partners are afraid of saying anything that might upset their person with dementia. - A sadness felt by both sides for different reasons - Listen and validate feelings - “Happy Places” can shift sadness and depression - Everyone with dementia is different and has their own "Happy Place."

 DC depression and dementia may 2017

We discussed the Dementia Friendly Conference and Cruise setting sail this fall, November 11th -18th, 2017.  The specialized team’s goal is to engage, support and have a lot of fun with those living with dementia and their families.  Programming offered will engage and encourage people to share their own stories while they receive variety of tips, tools and resources to live better with dementia. Education and support will be provided by both professionals and an Expert Panel made of four international advocates for the disease who are also diagnosed with dementia.  For more information go to: 

042017 DC DF cruise conference 2

How to Communicate with People with Dementia. We had an interesting conversation regarding communication.  You will hear from those diagnosed and what they think about all the tips given by "Professionals" to communicate with them.  You will gain insights which will help you care better.  Learn how their senses change, how their emotions and behaviors are affect by their surroundings and how that impacts them in their daily living.

DC 031917 How to communicate with a person with dementia SNAP

Advocacy, Roles, Duties & Succession Plans To Move Dementia Care Forward

DC Advocacy Roles Duties Succession Plans 010617 snap

Today we had a great decision about how moving, construction & remodeling effect a person with dementia. I think you will find the insights they share so openly and honestly amazing helping you (if you are a family member, friend or professional) look at and deal with these situations in a totally different light.  

121616 DC Moving and construction w Dementia


"WOW"! You are very talented at directing the dialogue’s without manipulating the direction of the conversations. Also, your ability to include each participant while remaining sensitive to whether they want to add to the topic at the moment is really seamless.  I just wanted to share with you how much I recognize your strengths and am in awe of your talent.”


Kelley Horton, Founder/CEO - Dementia Connections Coalition


 Dementia & Caring For Pets - Is It A Good Fit? This is a fascinating conversation with those diagnosed with dementia and their thoughts about the effects of pets.  They look at all sides of pet ownership and responsibility.  I think you may be surprised at some of the honest and heartfelt comments every family should seriously think about before getting a pet.

112216 DC Caring for pets is it a good fit

 Dementia, Diagnosis, Doctors and Support - Changes Needed To Improve Lives.  Today we had a fascinating conversation about what actually happens when someone is diagnosed with dementia and the changes needed to support those dealing with the disease.  You will hear shocking, yet similar stories and lots of ideas on how we can change the process and improve lives.

102516 DC oct 2016 Diagnosis Doctors clinics and support


































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