His Neighbor Phil

Reviews and Comments on the New Dementia Film


"I LOVED this film...there were so many relatable, funny, poignant, humorous, heartbreaking and hopeful moments all captured within the fabric of a single family trying to stay connected to each other and their community through the power of music and love. You will recognize your loved one, your family, your friends and yourself somewhere in this film. I laughed, cried, cringed and cheered. It's a must-see!"

Mara Botonis, the recipient of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award and Author of When Caring Takes Courage 


His Neighbor Phil, is indeed a great film and right on the money for accuracy in typical ‘key players’ and behaviors, reactions, approaches, beliefs, and common concerns regarding dementia. I am sure ‘first timers’ as well as those who have made their journey will resonate with the film allowing new conversations to happen, awareness to grow, and belief that we can CHOOSE to make a positive difference in how people living with dementia are able to live their lives.”

Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA Dementia Care & Training Specialist


"This moving film shows the need for family and friends to rally together to help each other deal with Alzheimer’s disease, motivates our researchers to continue to develop promising treatments and methods of prevention and emphasizes the necessity to support research at centers such as ours.

William H. Frey II, Ph.D., Alzheimer’s Research Director, HealthPartners Center for Memory & Aging

“And also as someone who was diagnosed with dementia myself 7 years ago aged just 50 it resonated and touched me so much. It’s so refreshing to see such a positive ending at the end when many of these films are not. It’s a film not only for carers, but also for those with early to mid-stage dementia to enjoy. It’s also a story of hope and important family values, through thick and thin times, thoroughly enjoyable.”

Norrms Mc Namara, Diagnosed with dementia (at age 50) seven years ago and STILL FIGHTING IT!  
Founder of the Global Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign 


“Wow, Wow, Wow, this was funny, sad and horrible all at the same time.  This was so true to the real world and such good examples of what it would be like to go down the devastating road. You really do need a box of tissues.”

Michael Ellenbogen, Dementia Advocate living with the diagnosis  


“His Neighbor Phil holds an important message about the unexpected places where hope resides. Stephanie Zimbalist embodies grace, beauty, and ultimately, wisdom.”

G. Allen Power, MD, Author, Dementia Beyond Disease


"This film was not only easy and interesting to watch, we found it to be extremely accurate, down to earth and it portrays family life/living with Alzheimer’s in a very realistic manner. While meaning no disrespect to another fine movie Still Alice, this is the film that should be in theaters and on TV for the general public to see."

Ed Meehan, Care Partner for his wife with dementia


"His Neighbor Phil" is as close to the truth about Alzheimer's as you can get in a film. It shows the moments of joy and the moments of pain, for everybody in the family, including the person with the disease. Mary has midstage Alzheimer's. Her husband, Harvey, loves her greatly. He shows us the range of emotions spouses of people with Alzheimer's on a daily basis. We experience his denial, anger, guilt, love and joy with him. It shows the moments of clarity and the moments of confusion of his wife Mary, the person with the disease. We feel her pain and her calm. We see the reactions of other family members to Mary. They too show the range of emotions that we all feel when confronted with the reality of our loved ones with the disease.

At last a film that speaks the unvarnished truth in all its splendor and in all its heartbreak. I think that this is a film that sets the standard for films of its genre. I hope everyone on earth gets to see it. It will teach us a lot about the disease, and about ourselves."

Carole Larkin MA, CMC, CAEd, QDCS, EICS   ThirdAge Services LLC


"I enjoyed the film very much.  It definitely heightens awareness by showing some dementia symptoms and the reactions of others to those symptoms.  It also highlighted the importance of being direct, honest and to have continued social interaction when dealing with a person with dementia.  The film also raises the issue of the stigma of dementia dn how people should respond to this in a more positive manner."

Paulan Gordon, Diagnosed with Dementia


His Neighbor Phil is a love story wrapped up in the complexity of a disease that shows no mercy. It’s real.  It’s raw and yet through all of the trials and tribulations, it provides hope."

Josie Di Chiara, Senior Vice President, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America


“This film is a guide to friends and family on how to be helpful to the caregiver and the patient.” 

MaryAnne, Caregiver

In the twenty years that I have worked with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, I have seen firsthand how people with these diseases can still have satisfying and fulfilling lives, as long as people around them, families and caregivers understand how to work with their abilities.  Movie and television portrayals rarely help us see this. Most focus on the worst aspects of this dreaded disease.  His Neighbor Phil is the best attempt so far. This gem of a movie paints a complex picture of a loving family as they come to grips with their mother’s decline in her cognition. The story is rich and the characters multi-dimensional, including the mother who retains her energy and sense of humor even as her memory and abilities are fading.” 

Dr. Jytte Fogh Lokvig, PhD, Alzheimer's and Dementia expert, Lecturer, and Author 


“I liked it. I thought it was an accurate portrayal of a family dealing with Alzheimer's disease. I liked that you could definitely see Mary's disability, but you also saw her in periods of lucidity that showed persons living with the disease are still capable when given the chance. It portrayed family and friends realistically, that mean well but just really add to the stress with their good intentions. All in all, a great representation of this disease.”

Shari Ellenbogen, Care Partner for her husband


“The film pointed out to me that nobody outside of the Alzheimer’s community understands.”

Ed Luby, Caring for his wife with dementia


His Neighbor Phil is simply stunning! I didn't need a mirror to see myself and mum all the way through! There will sadly be so many who identify with this and I hope it brings a big change to all our hopes and dreams for the future. Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to bring this heartfelt portrayal of Alzheimer's disease and the effect it has on the entire family out into the open.” 

Jane Moore, Care Partner and Co-Founder of the Purple Angel


“With my husband, Rich, in the earlier stages of the disease we have not yet experienced a lot of the topics touched on in the film. I have always tried to arm myself with as much information on my husband's disease as possible in hopes it will give me the confidence I need to be a better caregiver when he needs me the most.  This film gives me insight into how I can prepare now for when that day comes.  Rich and I both felt the film was very good.”

Terri, Caring for her husband with dementia


"Mary stole my heart.  I was extremely impressed with the way this movie accurately portrayed what happens, when Alzheimer's enters a family's life, and the denial that automatically seems to come along with it. Also, the relationship that music can have with a person living with a dementia-related disease is a lesson we all need to take to heart. Bravo, very well done."

Gary Joseph LeBlanc, Author of The Aftereffects of Caregiving


"This is the first "Alzheimer film" I've seen that shows the positive developmental process that can occur when families, friends, and communities are open to learning new truths about dementia and about themselves. There's something for everyone here: proof of the power of music; demonstration of the lucid moments that occur in dementia, the preservation of humor, and the proximity of sorrow and joy. The special gift of midwestern neighborliness - "Minnesota nice" as it should be! We see the meanings of denial, desperation, and acceptance of what can't be stopped; the wholeness of life; the preservation of soul; the fact that community must be created and re-created every day to accommodate its changing members."

Soo Borson MD, Dementia Research and Consulting: Tools for Dementia-Capable Health Care Systems


As a caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimer's for over 11 years I was deeply moved as I watched "My Neighbor Phil". At moments for me it was difficult to watch for it displayed such honesty and truthfulness. Through my tears I could relate to so much; as well as feeling all the pain the family endured.

Lisa Hirsch, Author of My Mom My Hero


"A must see. It is very realistic - yet offers optimism which is rare in Alzheimer's movies. Will give you hope that your loved one is still there behind the Alzheimer's and that you can still have moments of joy - together."

Michael Neuvirth, Founder - Care Changers


This love story takes the viewer into the chaotic, confounding, connective, and meaningful world of a family dealing with dementia. We are plunged into the exhausting existence of stressed out, worried, and fiercely protective family care partners. We also experience some of the loss and confusion that people living with dementia can go through. And just as we are sinking too deeply into sorrow and despair, a" little light of mine" sings out and lifts us all up. This movie illuminates the fears and isolation that can plague care partners, and celebrates those luminous moments of joy and connection. Best of all, its grittiness and honesty invite conversations. The more we all talk about dementia, the more understanding, information, and compassion we can offer those who are navigating this disease.

Deborah Shouse, author of Love in the land of Dementia: Finding Hope in the Caregiver's Journey


My Neighbor Phil depicts many of trials and tribulations families deal with when a loved one suffers from Alzheimer's. It also illustrates how aspects of the sufferer's life can still exist; in the movie the magic of music still awakens feelings. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and I could relate well to this movie.
My wife has written My Mom My Hero a book dealing with her journey and relationship with her mother since she became ill.

Bert Hirsch husband of Author Lisa Hirsch


“His Neighbor Phil” shows the reality of dealing with Alzheimer’s and how it impacts the person, spouse, family, friends, community and their relationships.  With laughter and tears it is so touching with the journey of denial, refusal of assistance, misunderstandings, caring and love.  And it goes one step further on how they can come together through the journey.  A must see movie for everyone!”

Beth Paterson, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, NMLS #342859   Reverse Mortgages SIDAC, NMLS #173899


“What a dynamic realisation of family relationships in times of stress and hardship. The love and commitment to Mary by her husband was incredible. The search to find the key to Marys mind through her heart with MUSIC is a lesson to all. Finding the key to connect with the person living with dementia is always a possibility if we look. Our facial expressions body language give us away.  Too often we live for tomorrow and forget the moment. Mary lived in the moment and looked for love in the eyes of Harvey that’s what went missing. That’s what she searched for, that was going home.”

Colin McDonnell, Environmental and Lifestyle Coach for aged care facilities in AU


“This rare, authentic, intimate, and attentive depiction into what it means for each individual in an ordinary family and to the family as a whole when a loved one develops Young-onset Alzheimer's disease. The film represents a major contribution to raising awareness to this relatively unrecognized, often misunderstood, and grossly underserved subgroup.The film shares moving and powerful moments capturing beautifully some of the tremendous daily challenges, struggles, frustrations, and tensions caused by the disease. It offers inspiring and uplifting portrayal of creative and effective approaches with which it is possible to alleviate the emotional pains experienced by people with this condition and bring them comfort, joy, and hope. His Neighbor Phil is a terrific way to start an open heart-to-heart conversation in every community about the personal, familial, community, and societal implications of living with Young-onset Alzheimer's disease and the ways to support and preserve the dignity and personhood of these individuals and their family members.”  

Eilon Caspi, Gerontologist & Dementia Behavior Specialist


“His Neighbor Phil is a beautiful story of the power of love with an ending so perfect it'll bring tears to your eyes. I loved it.” 

Corinne Maunder, Filmmaker, Fire Films


His Neighbor Phil is an important story that inspires hope for thousands if not millions effected by Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia. Every community and most likely every family will be impacted by dementia in their lives. This story seeks to engage and inspire hope and personal engagement to support and improve the lives impacted by this disease. By sharing this story you can help build a meaningful bridge to so many who lose hope or disappear into the sidelines of society. We will never be able to slow or reverse this painful disease by not confronting it head on, by building inclusive dementia friendly communities and insisting that we do everything we can to support those impacted and seek greater resources to slow or stop this disease in the future."

Michael R. Klatt, President and CEO of The Lutheran Home Association


As a leading senior care provider, we're always looking for ways to promote awareness of dementia to help families in their journey and ultimately provide the best care to our residents. We believe this movie is a credible, moving reference for families caring for a loved one with memory loss and are proud to support it.

G. Michael Leader, President & CEO, Country Meadows Retirement Communities


This film spoke to me in so many ways – and I know it will to others as well. It was a real-life story that engaged me in the lives of variety of characters and how their experiences unfold throughout the film. The interactions were really what individuals experience throughout their journeys. As a musician, I appreciated the significance of the musical aspect – knowing how meaningful music is in the lives of all! Can't wait to share the film and facilitate shared learning dialogues with it!

Walter Coffey, President/CEO of LeadingAge Georgia


His Neighbor Phil is at once poignant and raw, tender and difficult. Having dealt with the ravages of Alzheimer's in both my personal and professional life, I recognize so many of the elements portrayed in this film that test our patience, commitment and courage to hope. For some families, it will be like looking in a mirror – for others, a revelation. Whether you've been touched by Alzheimer's or have so far been spared, you'll come away moved. In the end, we learn that the person with Alzheimer's is still there, and not gone. Just different.

Frank Samson, CEO and founder, Senior Care Authority  


Alzheimer's doesn't just impact the affected; the disease takes a devastating toll on caregivers and the family as a whole. "His Neighbor Phil" accurately depicts that impact. It may provide some validation for Alzheimer's patients and families and help them realize they're not alone.

Peter Tourian, Founder and CEO of SYNERGY HomeCare

Immediately after seeing "His Neighbor Phil," I knew I wanted to help get this fantastic film out the public. I was amazed by the number of realistic touch points that families will resonate with. This well written script highlights a variety of personality styles along with common situation routinely addressed by families, friends and coworkers. You will laugh and cry through the twist and turns of this film, but will walk out feeling empowered, hopeful and connected to a larger community then you ever imagined.

Lori La Bey, CEO and Founder of Alzheimer's Speaks


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