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"The Bald Chicken Story" is one of Lori La Bey's signature stories.  Many Event Planners purchase the Mardi Gras Chicken Necklaces, Rubber Chicken Stress Toys and Your Memory Chip™ Bracelets for their attendess. They are a hit everytime!

Lori La Bey understands that times have changed along with the needs of organizations and Event Planners and so she has expanded her delivery platforms.  Lori offers her programs in the following formats:  Live Keynotes and Training Sessions, Live Intensive Workshops, Webinars and Tele-Seminars, along with Live and Web Coaching and Consulting Programs.  Go to our Event Planners Page For PDF's of Programs. Please note, most live programs can be converted to a webinar or tele-seminar platforms.

All platformsdeliver inspirational and motivational content via Lori's proprietary Emotional Based Training™ technique. Using stories that inspire clients, combined with simple techniques to shift mindsets; participants are able to change their tactical approach.  Please note pricing on Webinars, Tele-seminars Coaching and Consulting will be assessed on a per project basis and are not part her normal fee schedule.

"Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture" is a webinar series and more information is available via the link.  The program is a first of its' kind in the nation and Lori La Bey would love the opportunity to explain to you how and why the program is so different and valuable.  She just launched this program with LeadingAge Wisconsin in February of 2012.

People often comment on Lori's use of humor and the calm element she brings to uncomfortable situations. Her audiences walk away with new perspectives, allowing them to make a shift in their life or business.  If you are looking for a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant or Coach who delivers a ton of content, meets her deadlines, is easy to work with and skilled at delivering a fun impactful program which will lift the spirits of your group…well don't wait Contact Lori La Bey Now!

For more details on Contract Requirements, A/V needs, Bio, Photos, Room Layouts, please visit our Event Planners section. Testimonials and Past Client List are available via the hot links.


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