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Alzheimer's Speaks feels it is important to have a place for people to share their poetry about dementia and caregiving with our audience.  Since not everyone has a website or blog to showcase their writing, we decided to make this supplemental page where people can send their poetry to us in an email and we will make a PDF and list below. 

Please note you should only submit your own writing as we want to respect others right to privacy; as well as ownership of the piece. We do not want to infringe on copyright regulations. By submitting a piece to us, you are agreeing that you are the author and that you are of legal age, or the legal guardian of the author giving us permission to publish the piece on the Alzheimer's Speaks International Resource Directory.

If you would like to submit your poetry about dementia and caregiving to us please Email us here.

Make sure to include:

  1. The title of the piece
  2. Your by line - your name as the author of the piece
  3. The poem

To find more poetry about dementia and caregiving please click here:  More Poems


Norrms Corner


norrmswalk with me in my shoes


Norrms McNamara is an extraordinary individual living with dementia. His insights and tenacity for improving our    dementia care culture is one that should not be taken for granted.  Norrm's lives in the UK, but has touched thousands worldwide with his open heart and collaborative spirit.  His writing is beautiful.  He has authored two books and openly writes about his personal journey with dementia Here is a link to Norrms writings .


To purchase one of Norrm's books, click on the book of your choice

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