Betty The Bald Chicken Stress Toys



This fun rubber stress toy is the talk of every conference!  People love them even when they hate them.  Everyone has to come and touch the rubber chicken and experience the texture and moveement of the toy.  As they do so, they always start talking about Lori La Bey's signature story about "Betty The Bald Chicken."  

Betty is a tale about how we care for one another making us think about how we act, react and what to be treated by others. The stress toy is a great physical and visual remind to us about the power of our choices. Betty shares her story in order to make us all consciously think about how we interact with others throughout our days. Many participants have purchased bundles of "Betty The Bald Chicken Stress Toy."  They do so to share the fun and laughter that comes through this toy which also gets people of all ages from young children to our elders having a serious conversations about how we care and how we want to be cared for.

These stress toys can be purchased in bundles and bulk.

Please contact us for pricing.

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