Your Memory Chip™ Customized Business Cards



This is an opportunity to order personalized business cards which utilize the Your Memory Chip™ concept inside and your information on the outside of the card.  It's an ideal way to share a simple tool with all of your clients and prospects!

Think about it... 

How do clients, prospects, staff and vendors value your marketing give aways? What do they do with them?  Are they used, stuff in a drawer or cabinet; or are they tossed or given to someone else? What would you value more?  A coffee cup or jar opener with a company logo; or a practical tool that can be easily implemented to care for someone with dementia and enrich their lives.

Call us to discuss details and pricing. Pricing shown is not accurate as we need to know the quanity of the order first. We recommend you consider purchasing the Your Memory Chip™ wristband to partnering with the business cards.  It's a great to differentiate your business.  651-748-4714

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