The Purple Angel Project 

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 Finally, a symbol for dementa that can be recognized

around the world, with no language barriers!

 It's Time For The US To Embrace

The New Global Symbol

For All Dementias

 Are You Ready To Join the Cause?

 The Purple Angel symbolizes a guardian over those living with dementia, their families and friends and those helping to raise awareness of the disease. The Purple Angel logo became embraced by individuals and organizations around the world and so the globe was added to show the impact and collaboration of this movement. 


Now, there is one symbol representing a global message


 for all people living with dementia, their families and care partners.

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 To Get Your Purple Angel Kit

Please let us know where you are located and how you intend to use the Purple Angel

  The Purple Angel Campaign Shows

 No Signs Of Slowing Down.

  Its purpose is simple

  • To raise awareness and education of all types of dementias.
  • To show support for those dealing with all types of dementias; both those diagnosed as well as those that care for them.
  • To remove the fear, isolation and stigmas associated with the disease.
  • To become a global symbol for dementia that has no language barriers.
  • To have the “Global Purple Angel” become as well known and accepted as the “Pink Ribbon” for cancer, allowing people to live with dignity.
  • To provide an economical way to work in collaboration.

The History of the Purple Angel

"Norman McNamara from Torbay, who has dementia was a driving force behind the creation of the first dementia friendly community in the UK. Together with Jane Moore, a carer from Camelford, Cornwall, they produced the original design of the" Purple Angel Dementia Awareness" symbol which is a registered trademark. Lyn Richards and Jeff Talbot added the globe to the Purple Angel and this has been adopted by many across the world. Permission has been freely given for the use the Purple Angel symbol by anyone raising awareness of dementia and your feedback is always appreciated. See more details for businesses and organizations stated below.

The Purple Angel can be used for advertising; publicity services and promotion of public awareness and understanding of dementia, dementia-related issues and dementia support groups, business management and business administration of dementia support groups, administration of others providing services to raise public awareness and understanding of dementia, dementia related issues and dementia support groups," and is not leverage to profit from.

Permission has been given to utilize the symbol to an individual who is raising awareness of dementia and adhering to the policy of reading the Purple Angel Dementia Awareness poster.  The US version is shown below.

If a business, organization or community is going to use the Purple Angel logo they are asked to have all employees or members of their organization/community read the poster prior to utilizing the Purple Angel logo or Dementia Aware emblem.  They also must get a written release from Gary LeBlanc, the trademark owner, prior to utilizing.

Businesses and organizations must get permission to use the Purple Angel, from the trademark owner, Gary LeBlanc.

What does it take to become involved in the Purple Angel Movement?

Read the "US Purple Angel" poster below and make a personal commitment to be more aware of the dementia. 

Start having open and honest conversations about dementia such as:

  • The challenges it causes
  • The needs that are massively overlooked
  • The joys of living with purpose
  • Embracing this simple, but powerful movement making a difference around the world to many families dealing with this disease.

The US Purple Angel program doesn't have to cost you a dime, just a shift in your attitude to be inclusive and more aware of others needs.

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Click Above If You Would Like An Electronic US Purple Angel Poster (PDF)

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Click Above If You Would Like An Electronic US Dementia Aware Emblem (PDF)  

Get The Global Symbol And Help Raise Awareness

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Click Above If You Would Like An Electronic Global Purple Angel (PDF/JPeg)  

Contact us for more information or questions you may have.

  The symbol is to be used for awareness and may not be used for profiteering unless written permission is given by its owners. The Purple Angel is a great addition next to your own logo showing support for a wonderful cause.

Below are some examples for to show ways the symbol may be use.

Individual Use -

  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Google Circles
    • YouTube
    • Blogs
    • Websites
    • Email Signature
  • Physical Use
    • Letterhead
    • Checks
    • T-Shirts, hats for personal use only - not resale
    • Vehicle Decal

Corporate or Organizational Use –

  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin
    • Google Circles
    • YouTube
    • Blogs
    • Websites
    • Email Signature
    • Company Cable, TV, Radio
    • Webinars
  • Physical Use
    • On company letterhead
    • On company checks
    • On company uniforms, T-Shirts, hats, jackets, mugs, pens, rulers… for company use only - (not resale)
    • On company vehicles
    • On company signage
    • On company business cards

For More information on how you can get your Purple Angel Logo, Poster and Sticker 


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In Becoming

Purple Angel Ambassador

Click above and email us the following information:

Who you are, where you are located, why you would like to be an ambassador and how you are planning on using the Purple Angel - Personal, business or both.

  The US Team Coordinating

Our National

Purple Angel Program Are:

 Gary Leblanc pic

Gary Joseph LeBlanc, founder of 

Common Sense Caregiver,

The Purple Angel Wristband Project 

Dementia Mentors

Michael Ellenbogen newest pic 102813

Michael Ellenbogen, founder of

The Michael Ellenbogen Movement

Michaels' Book on his Personal Experience with Dementia

Lori 040 1LQSoftCropped

Lori La Bey, founder of

Alzheimer's Speaks

Dementia Chats Webinars

Alzheimers Speaks Radio

Additonal Resources

For Official UK Purple Angel Site Click Here

Download the Purple Angel Song Click Here for UK itunes             

                                                     Click Here for US itunes 

  For Watertown, Wisconsin Dementia Alliance Click Here

For Camelford Dementia Alliance Click Here

For Torbay Dementia Alliance   Click Here

A Perfect Example Of

The Power Of Passion!

purple angel Frank Craved out of wood small

  A perfect stranger, (now a wonderful friend) excited about learning more about the Purple Angel Project and Dementia Friendly Communities carved this precious Purple Angel out of wood for me.

 "Thank you Frank Granberg.  I just love it and show it off every chance I get!"  ~ Lori La Bey

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